Tegan & Sara

Tegan & Sara invited me to come hang out backstage & shoot their penultimate show for their “Let’s Make Things Physical” tour, in support of their latest album Hearthrob. It was an incredible experience to be behind the scenes at such a well-oiled machine, and see how much attention to detail really does go into every single piece of the set, down to the spotlights.

Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern, a favorite of mine that I hadn’t seen live yet, played at a new Bushwick venue called The Wick, (I know), supported by Hunters and Glockabelle. In a few words, I’d describe her as if Eddie Van Halen’s finger-tapping (while winking at the MTV cameras) nonsense was co-opted by Philip Glass during a noise/metal phase. Anyway, she’s got a great interview here c/o The Quietus.


The Knife

The Knife’s sold-out tour for Shaking the Habitual culminated in a generously-long set, complete with 11 people on stage at virtually all times. Wearing space-age jumpsuits—some playing instruments, some simply dancing—it was a spectacle to behold, even between songs.

Breaking up the dizzying commotion of aerobics-inspired dance set to heart-poundingly electronic music was a spoken-word piece, mid-set. As The Knife is wont to do, very little of the set looked behind; it was mostly cut from this new album. Fans didn’t seem to mind in the slightest.

Andrew WK

Andrew WK, with the Calder Quartet, played a fascinating “alt-classical” show at Le Poisson Rouge this past Sunday (1/8). WK revamped and reworked some of his own catalogue for the evening. For an almost equal part, the set consisted of classical compositions by Cage, Bach, and Philip Glass.

It was a “Mom & Dad are in town” no-brainer, leading to a very mixed-age audience.